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A Chinese wedding usually starts the day with the ritual “fetching the bride”. As the groom arrives at the bride’s home, he and his fellow groomsmen have to complete a series of tasks set by the bridesmaids to prove his worthiness. Among the hilarious and physically challenging games, the groom has to read aloud a lighthearted love declaration for his new bride. Templates can be easily found online, saying something along the lines of: “I promise to do all the cooking and cleaning. I promise to give you my entire salary every month.”

While the “door games” make everyone laugh and have a good time, reciting a personalised declaration of love is a way of showing one’s sincerity. In the West, some soon-to-be brides and grooms write letters to each other to read on the wedding morning. The handwritten letters represent an intimate conversation between the couple, reflecting on the history and thinking about the future together. That also gives a quiet moment to calm pre-wedding jitters and focus on the purpose of the day.

A wedding that I recently covered has left a deep impression on me. The groom didn’t use any online templates or even prepare a speech. He simply spoke from his heart, with tears streaming down his face. He talked about his character and weaknesses, saying that he felt like a woman at times in life. Yet he expressed how much he appreciated his future wife, always standing by his side and giving him strength, tolerance and understanding.

With his face full of tears, he might look like a woman. But I truly admire him. It’s how he showed his courage and sincerity to the person he loves that that made him a man.

It may be embarrassing to share personalised details and intimacy with everyone. However, compared to those standard love declarations, writing your own one makes the day unique and true to yourselves. The content doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect, but talking about your own thoughts and feelings reminds what the day is about: the two of you.

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