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When I was on my way home from Janice and Lambert’s wedding, I couldn’t help recalling some moments of the day, the moments that will always be imprinted on my mind.

At the church altar, Janice, Lambert and their parents were at the stage, and the couple was about to sign the marriage certificate. Just when Janice took up the pen, she didn’t know that her father who stood behind her was wiping his tears away… And when the ceremony came to an end and the couple was leaving the altar, Janice’s father went over to her. With his head lowered and his hand on her shoulder, Janice’s father hugged his daughter gently. He then stood aside, seeing the couple walk out of the church.

At that particular moment, what did the father have in mind?

On this special day, Janice’s father was there with his little girl, arranging her veil, walking her down the aisle and witnessing her solemn promise. To him, it’s a bittersweet occasion, happiness mingling with sadness. Father’s love is like a mountain, strong yet kind, warming everyone’s heart.

Located in Happy Valley, St. Margaret’s Church is listed as a Grade II historical building. The grand stone staircase up front inspires an elevating feeling, yet it also adds complications to the photographer. A lowangle shot is required to capture the entire church. The interiors are decorated with beautiful stained-glass windows and a pipe organ. That reminds me of going to Catholic school and attending Mass on Sundays. I just love doing photography at churches, listening to the choir and the pipe organ music, which always gives me a sense of warmth and intimacy.

St. Margaret’s Church has an additional touch of charm, as its entrance is facing west. If a wedding is held in the afternoon, the sun floods the exterior with golden overtones, adding a beautiful natural element when the couple receives blessings from family and friends.

I love being a wedding photographer, as those pleasant surprises never cease to amaze me. That can be a flower girl or page boy acting funny, an emotional groom who can’t stop crying. And today, I am so glad to have had such a privilege to witness the intimacy between a loving father and his beloved daughter. I guess fathers somehow share similar emotions, being happy and proud, yet missing his daddy’s girl who is now becoming a married woman.

Location:St. Margaret’s Church

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