Hong Kong wedding couple cheers moment captured by one of the Best Hong Kong Wedding Photographer

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A couple who has booked our services recently shared with us their wedding planning stress and anxiety. They’ve picked an auspicious wedding date, but their ideal venue is no longer available. They’re worried that the venue they’ve now chosen would look a bit dark if the weather is bad. That could be tricky for the photographers. Besides, they don’t have the most beautiful décor or a live band when compared to other weddings. And there are just too many things to consider, from the wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, the lawyer to the makeup artist. They are simply overwhelmed by a feeling of negativity and experience pre-wedding depression.

It’s totally understandable that engaged couples want to celebrate a flawless wedding. As a wedding photographer, I’ve been privileged to join many weddings. I’ve worked at the top wedding venues, and come across weddings with a super organised wedding planner, a carefully crafted programme and a clear division of duties. Even so, weddings as such may not necessarily be prefect. An unexpected downpour could dampen the outdoor ceremony. Decorations could fly off when the wedding car is cruising down the highway. The groom might have forgotten the rings in the safe after a sleepless night. The groomsmen could get stuck in a lift needing to be rescued by firefighters.

Keep in mind – nothing can be perfect, and a wedding is no exception. But imperfections are what make your special day unique and also beautiful. You will never forget your hair getting frizzy, the hilarious moment of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen trying to catch the decorations flying away, the rings that are finally put on, and the selfie of those groomsmen awaiting to be rescued!

Regardless of the type of wedding, the venue and the weather, do enjoy your wedding that’s truly unique to both of you. And we are there to preserve those unexpected moments and your genuine emotions, which will become cherished visual mementos that you can look back on with a reminiscent smile.