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Found by our Chief Photographer Waito in 2012, Waitography has had such a privilege to document the love story of some 500 couples. Our professional team of both photographers and videographers especially puts great emphasis on capturing the love and honesty that reflect the true personalities of the newlyweds. We strive to create photos that will evoke special memories for decades to come.

Ready to have your story told? We are more than happy to walk with you through your heart's fondest journey.

Our Approach

Capturing the true remembrance of you – When it comes to photographs, it’s always the genuine emotions reflected that move us most. A good photographer is to capture each moment in time – the laughs, the intimate connection and the true, authentic self. Waitophraphy hopes to celebrate the important milestones in your life, from the causal and relaxed pre-wedding photoshoot to the most awaited wedding day, from the excitement of pregnancy to the whole family giggling together.

At Waitography, our style is informal, enabling you to feel most “like you”. We’d prefer not to resort to excessive lighting and retouching, but rather use our expertise to add little touches of warm glow and magic in photos.

Moment-driven photography – Our photographers are to document your life journey, helping you to preserve the fleeting moments and often-overlooked details that could disappear in the blink of an eye.


Waito Lee

A Photographer & Storyteller


Waito is both an award-winning photographer and a gifted storyteller. Since he began photography at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he has acquired the ability to convey emotions, moods, ideas and messages with images. After graduating from the School of Journalism and Communications, he worked as a journalist and profile writer for more than ten years, including writing a weekly photo column for the Hong Kong Economic Journal.

Specialised in storytelling, photography and writing, Waito founded Waitography where he can combine his talents and strengths and share his passion and experience with couples and families in love.

What Waito cherishes most is the relationships with people he features. That gives him the power to recognise the uniqueness in every couple, to focus on human warmth and interactions, and to capture the most spontaneous and candid moments that will become treasured reminders for life.


Waito and his team’s photos are like no others! We still can’t take our eyes off the beautiful candid shots of our lawn wedding 3 years ago every time we browse through it and the photos will remain as the previous record of one of the happiest day of our life! Waito is brilliant at capturing the split-second joyful moments in action, the beautiful backdrop under natural daylight, with careful compositions that tells a story in every photo… This must have been from his experience in journalism which sets him apart from other wedding photographers! Our moments captured are so natural, with no pretence, yet so delightful and full of joy! We feel so lucky to have met Waitography and are eternally grateful with their genius work and effort!”


Waitography is favored by us for his deeply emotional images and we picked him starting from Day 1 of our wedding planning. With the simple composition and preference on natural light, unexpected yet beautiful moments of everybody are captured under Waito’s camera. I seldom love seeing myself from the photos but I absolutely love those taken by Waito. I would absolutely recommend Waitography to everyone!


Waitography is a passionate team. They are experts to capture the sunlight, greenery, nature and your smile. At the beginning, I was afraid to take engagement photos because it seems that’s something unnatural and “artificial”. However, waitography team make all those love feeling naturally happened. The photos are full of love and happiness. Thanks team to bring me these lovely pictures and memory.


My husband and I have no regrets for having Waito and his team as our big day photographers. We (and all of our relatives and friends) love Waito’s warm and natural photography style. Waito was able to capture all the unexpected, touching & happy moments that happened in a blink of an eye, some of which we didn’t even notice during the day as we were too busy with our guests and tight rundown. We had a good time with Waito on the day, and even more so when going through the pictures we received after. No doubt with Waito’s professionalism and dedication to his work. Keep it up !!


I have been keeping an eye on Waitography’s photo work long before we have decided to get married. So when the time came, I immediately thought of Waito and didn’t take long before I confirm his wedding day shooting package. Waito is a very detail minded person. Before the shooting, he spent time going through the wedding rundown with us and has given us lots of useful tips to fine tune the rundown. This is very much appreciated as I heard not every photographer is willing to do the same. We really love the photos and the beautiful and natural moments that Waito has captured for us and our dear families and friends on this important day in life! It’s already been few months after my wedding, however, whenever I see the photos again, I can still feel the emotions. This is one of the most previous gifts we have had for our wedding. Big thanks to Waito and the team!


We engaged Waito for both our pre-wedding and big day. Waito gave us very good suggestions for pre-wedding location and the photos turn out to be great! We were a bit nervous at the beginning of the pre-wedding shooting, Waito chatted with us and made us feel much more relaxed and at the end we enjoyed the shooting a lot! We had a simple rundown for our big day but Waito was able to capture the most wonderful moments. We like Waito’s photos being natural, warm and colourful. Thank you very much Waito!

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We tell a story of who you are, reflecting your true and honest love for each other. Every detail that we capture makes your wedding day unique and sets apart from anyone else’s. Get in touch to know more about our creative concepts and personalised photography and videography services!


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