Capturing Hearts and Souls in Photography – Angel and Gary’s Wedding

Hong Kong Sheraton Hotel is one of the most popular wedding venues in Hong Kong. The “snowing” effect on the stage is very romantic and impressive.

After covering Angel and Gary’s wedding, I’m now doing post-processing work, reviewing and fine-toning every picture taken. Sitting in front of the computer all day, I at times look at a particular image and recall the moment when it’s taken.

Looking at these pictures makes me smile, as each of them preserves the experience, the feeling of a particular moment – the smiling groom holding the hand of his beautiful bride, the loving father wiping his tears away, and the guests roaring with laughter during the bride and bridesmaids’ dance performance. Every press of the shutter creates an image that embodies the spirt of the day, the genuine emotions and true personalities that are unique.

My heartfelt thanks to all amazing couples who have entrusted me to photograph their wedding. I’ve tried to infuse my work with heart and soul, and document the experiences as faithfully as possible. I sincerely hope that those unexpected details and candid moments captured by the lens will become something tangible for you to look back on and to treasure for a lifetime.

Location: Sheraton Hong Kong, Amour HK