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In Hong Kong, it seems unimaginable to have an engagement photoshoot featuring a field of sunflowers beyond the concrete jungle.

So, it came as a surprise when I heard of a sunflower field open to the public, a week before Janet and Ray’s engagement photoshoot. I immediately contacted the owner who kindly agreed having us there!

When we arrived at the field on the day of the photoshoot, we realised that it was swamped with people. The owner reminded us the rules such as walking through already cleared paths and not picking the flowers. It’s great that Janet and Ray were so well-prepared and brought over some sunflowers. We could go a little further and stay on the perimeter to avoid the crowd. The shooting wasn’t easy. There wasn’t a lot of space to manoeuvre and the long tail wedding gown was an added complication. My assistant expressed some worry about the limitations, but I thought we could simply go with the moment.

We ended up creating a range of very lovely and natural images for Janet and Ray despite the limitations. More importantly, the couple in love were as vibrant and cheerful as the bright yellow sunflowers they were holding. We all had so much fun shooting at the field. The day was very hot. The thoughtful couple even prepared an icebox filled with cold drinks. I can still remember vividly how much we enjoyed the chilled and bubbling cans of Coca-Cola together after the shooting was completed.

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