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Be your amazing selves on your wedding day – Comprising highly experienced photographers and videographers, our professional and creative team strives to catch especially the candid moments and spontaneous celebrations throughout your wedding journey – from personalised engagement photoshoot to the most awaited wedding day – and to present you with beautiful and unique images that will stand the test of time.

Found in 2012, Waitography has been privileged to tell the love story of some 500 couples. Between the laughter, the tears and the endless excitement and appreciation, it’s always those unscripted, unexpected details in a wedding that we most cherish.

To us, every story is unique… and we too, are keen on bringing out the uniqueness inside you.

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Recording memories and milestones – Waitography cares deeply about if the photo could reveal your true selves. And we hope, as time passes by, you will still be touched when you look back into the photos, as what have been recorded in the photo are the genuine emotions that will last for a lifetime.

Producing the simplest yet the most impressionable images – Waitography was found by our chief photographer, Waito in 2012. We believe photos do not only embody the love, happiness and intimate bonding, but they also exhibit the sincerity and authenticity of very single individual. From pre-wedding/engagement photography to maternity, new-born or family portraits, producing something tangible for our clients to look back on and to treasure for a lifetime is the most crucial role of our professional team.

No glamorous backdrop or stiff posing. Just be your amazing self and let your story to be told through our lens.

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Preserving countless unforgettable moments – The real beauty of a life journey is to meet people along the way. We are very thankful to have come to know so many couples in love. From sun-filled pre-wedding photoshoot in the countryside to raw happy moments in a wedding, we have helped preserve the laughs and tears as lifelong visual mementos. Click on our blog posts on some truly unique moments to get inspiration!

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We tell a story of who you are, reflecting your true and honest love for each other. Every detail that we capture makes your wedding day unique and sets apart from anyone else’s. Get in touch to know more about our creative concepts and personalised photography and videography services!


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