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Featuring a traditional Korean wedding was certainly an unusual and interesting experience.

The Korean wedding was held at Assaggio Trattoria Italiana, an Italian restaurant at Hong Kong Arts Centre in Wanchai. The Paebaek ritual was performed following the formal wedding ceremony and before the reception. Dressed in the traditional Korean Hanbok, the newly-wedded couple performed Paebaek, which featured formal bowing and catching chestnuts and dates.

Being circled by family and friends, the bride and groom kneeled down before the parents.  The parents then threw a pile of dates and chestnuts toward the couple. The number of dates and chestnuts that the couple caught in the cloth symbolised the number of children they would have, with dates representing sons, and chestnuts representing daughters.

Venue:Assaggio Trattoria Italiana 6/F Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road Wanchai, Wan Chai

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