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While some couples would prefer to organise their wedding at one of those popular wedding venues, some would choose to transform a restaurant hired for the day into their own, very personal wedding venue. The latter naturally takes more time, but a wedding full of charm and personality is more than worth the effort.

Ming and Roy, both graduates from CUHK’s Faculty of Arts, organised their wedding to represent who they are. They added a personal touch to their big day from beginning to end. As the day started with the ritual “fetching the bride”, one of the tasks the groom had to complete was to make a poem in three steps and present it in Chinese calligraphy, the artistic writing of Chinese characters.

The welcome table, the marriage ceremony, the seating and the photo booth were all creatively decorated. The table arrangements were also very thoughtful. Each guest was given a wooden figurine featuring his or her chosen menu – fish or beef – with name engraved. Such a thoughtful table setting not only delighted the guests but also our team of photographers and videographers!

What impressed me most was how the classmates surprised Ming and Roy. Surrounding the couple, they handed out a hand-made, elaborated crafted souvenir book filled with old photos, the couple’s portraits, detailing the happy times they spent together. That’s a very warm and meaningful present conveying the blessing of old friends. I’ll never forget looking at the smiling faces of all those wonderful people.

Do take some time to bring in elements that will showcase your personalities in your wedding. The unique ideas will provide special moments for you and your guests, making it a day to remember!

Location:Science Park